Toilet training time

'Toilet Training' or 'Potty Training' your child can be stressful!

Knowing when to start, is your child ready and how to go about it, is daunting... Which is why we are here with a helping hand.

Toilet training tips & tools!

Our parent tips and toilet training tools help you and your child have fun learning to master the potty training process, we want to develop happy independent children with a natural toilet hygiene routine.

How to go about successful toilet training and what to expect are explained in The Basics.

Our helpful hints tell you When to start.

Be successful with our Top Tips for Training and hopefully have a peaceful Potty Training at Night

Fun with Diddit our friendly frog!

Diddit has already helped generations of children potty train and is here to help guide you and your child too.

Available as downloads, Diddit's Storybook explains to your child how Diddit became successfully potty trained and how they can too! Diddit's Reward Chart takes your child through our 5 simple toilet training steps.

By colouring in their stars, we encourage your child to master each step and celebrate their successes - making the whole process positive and rewarding!

Alternatively, get our Diddit Potty Training App to explain the toilet training steps, gain their reward stars and make the whole event fun! 

Or simply just have fun with Diddit and his Leap for the Loo Game!

See our ‘Kandoo Training Tips’ to learn when to start and how to potty train!

Toilet Training with Kandoo

When to Start

Potty Training Made Simple

Top Tips for Training

Potty Training at Night