Toilet training with Kandoo

Every child is different, but the general age range to start potty training is 18-30 months. Look out for the signs that your child is ready with our When to Start tips.

If you think your child is ready, share your own toileting with them, so they see that it is all part of growing up. Introduce them to their potty as part of this new adventure. Let them choose their own 'big girl' or 'big boy pants', so they look forward to wearing them - buy several pairs, it makes it more fun!!

You can learn how to undertake Toilet Training with our Potty Training Made Simple guide.

It’s important to stay motivated throughout the process, see our Top Tips for Training and Potty Training at Night. Little mishaps are normal and not to be worried about, they enable you to make a huge celebration of their successes!

Be patient, consistent and positive - You will get there! Some children master toilet training quickly, others take a little longer, there are no rules!

Enjoy working together, the goal is for your child to successfully use the potty without any stress and learn to clean up on their own afterwards.

Moist wipes are softer and more effective than toilet paper alone and perfect for cleaning up delicate little bottoms! Follow our 5 Simple Steps to teach your child how to happily follow a natural toilet hygiene routine.

Have fun with Diddit

Use Diddit's Storybook, Reward Chart and Toilet Training App, to help explain everything your child needs to know to master their own potty and toilet training time! Or simply just have fun with Diddit in his 'Leap for the Loo' and other colouring in, or card games!


Toilet Training with Kandoo

When to Start

Potty Training Made Simple

Top Tips for Training

Potty Training at Night

Toilet training made simple

You can do it, with Diddit. Our Storybook, Reward Chart and Kandoo Potty Training App offer everything you need.

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Rewarding is child's play

Celebrate Success. Use our colouring-in Reward Chart to learn the five simple steps to becoming a toilet trained superstar.


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