Top tips for training

Potty training doesn’t have to be scary! We have some simple Top Tips to help you.

Are they ready to potty train?

Check our When to Start tips, to see that your child is ready for potty training.

Be prepared!

Make sure you have your potty, pants, flushable wipes, storybook and reward chart all ready. 

Once you decide to proceed with potty training, make sure you have everything you need to make it as stress-free and successful as possible. Parents may choose to toilet train in warmer weather when your child is free to run around in less clothing, so they have less to take off at that crucial 'potty' moment. Whatever the weather, keep clothing simple, elastic waisted trousers or easy lift dresses make the process simpler for you and your child. Avoid complicated straps and belts!

Be prepared for those inevitable accidents!

Go often!

In the early potty training stages, keep reminding your child to have a sit on their potty and try to go, every 20 minutes!

Going out, take a 'Potty Kit Bag'

Ideally it is better to be at home, but if you need to go out, prepare a 'potty kit bag'. Place your potty, flushable wipes, a disposable bag for the soiled clothing and mess, several pairs of pants and change of clothes, all into a big bag which you keep with you as your 'potty kit bag'. Kandoo wipes are excellent for this as they are flushable and suitable for cleaning their delicate bottoms and also your hands!

Go potty before you leave the house
Always make one last potty attempt before you leave. This will hopefully keep you from having to make a stop on the way ...

Don't be afraid to go
It can be tempting to encourage kids not to use other toilets, but it’s actually more beneficial to use the toilets at every opportunity, to avoid any accidents and stress. 

Tackle public toilets
At some point, you and your child will need use a public toilet. Here are a few tips for potty training in public.

• If you’re not into bringing a portable potty with you, then you’ll probably need to hold your child on the toilet so they don’t fall in.

• Beware of the automatic flushers, which can be terrifying for kids. At the very least, warn your child that they exist!

Wash hands
This is a no-brainer, but it’s extra important to wash hands really well after using a public toilet. 

Bring Kandoo Flushable Wipes
Toss a pack of Kandoo Flushable Wipes into your bag to have on hand. They clean 30% better than toilet paper alone and can also help you wipe up any unforeseen accidents. 

Don’t forget to celebrate your potty training successes, especially if you have accomplished a little trip out! 


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Toilet training made simple

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