When to start potty training

6 signs of readiness

Toilet or potty training starts at a range of ages, but it’s always important to wait until your child is ready. While most children are toilet trained between the ages of 18 months and four years, more important than age is whether or not your child is really ready.

Watch for these signs so you know when to start toilet training and when to give your child a little more time:

1. Your child doesn’t like a wet or dirty nappy

At some point, a wet or dirty nappy becomes unpleasant to your child. Constant pulling at their dirty nappy – or removing it altogether – could be signs that they’re ready for pants.

2. Your child hides when filling their nappy

Is your child hiding away when it's time to do their business? This is a great sign that they might be ready for potty training.

3. Your child tells you they are going

If your child can tell you when they are wetting or dirtying their nappy, it's a really good sign that they are ready to start training.

4. Your child takes interest in seeing others use the toilet

Kids learn by example. If they can watch Mummy, Daddy, big brother, or sister use the toilet, they often feel motivated to do the same.

5. Nappies are staying dry longer

As your child gets closer to being ready for toilet training, they’ll start going longer with dry nappies (up to several hours). This is a sign that they’re able to hold it until they feel like going to a toilet, which is an important part of the process.

6. Your child is able to take off and pull on clothing

While not required, it’s really helpful if your child is able to pull down and pull up clothing on their own. If they haven’t masterethis skill yet, keep practicing.


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